The Development of Innovation for Learning Management Competency for Pre-Service Teachers of Early Childhood Education Programme By Professional Learning Community

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Sirimanee Banjong, Pavinee Komanasin, Nattaka Suddhidhanakool, Yothin Sawangdee


This research was based on the quasi-experimental method, and the purpose of this study was to study learning management competency in Pre-service teacher through Professional Learning Community and to compare learning management competency in Pre-service teacher before and after using Professional Learning Community. The target group for this study was the 2rd year of Early Childhood Education program’s students in total 30 students were selected for this study by Cluster Random Sampling. The research instruments used in this study were Professional Learning Community learning plans which were suitable at high level, competency learning management forms and satisfaction forms with the index of congruency 0.67-1.00. The data analysis was in percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The results showed that: 1) Pre-service teachers’ learning management competency through Professional Learning Community were at good level, 2) Pre-service teachers had learning management competency after receiving Professional Learning Community that were significantly at higher stage than before being treated the activities which were at fair level at a .05 level of significance.

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