Influence of People in the Decision Making of Women Before and After Marriage Portrayed in Anita Nair's Ladies Coupe

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J. Revathy , R. Prigya


In most families in our countrymen play an active role in deciding is almost every family issue. Women were not even consulted on their opinion about those problems. Does woman in families is not capable of deciding at the needed time, or they were trained in that way is the biggest question? Mostly, a woman in her family woman was not given suggestions. Instead, her parents or relatives took her decision and insisted on abiding by it as it was their culture. After marriage, her decisional rights were inherited by her husband. Meanwhile, she loves to live her life or forgets to decide what she wants. In our society, only the level of influence over a woman's decision alone varies but not the decisional authority. How far others influence a woman's decision affects her life and the remedy for this unnoticed but serious issue. The answers to these questions are explored in Anita Nair's novel Ladies Coupe (2001).

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