A Study on the Impact of Knowledge Workers' Work Requirements, Work-Family Conflict and Work Performance: The Moderating Role of Work Autonomy and Family Support

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Wei Xiaochan


Based on the continuous display of the value of human resources, employee performance is th  e focus of improving the company's advantages. Based on the theory of resource conservation, this study collects data from 412 employees in enterprises and uses class regression analysis to conduct hypothesis testing. It aims to reveal the impact of work requirements on work performance, the mediating effect of work-family conflict, and the adjustment of work autonomy and family support. The mechanism of effect. The research results show that: (1) work requirements negatively affect work performance; (2) work-family conflict partly mediates the effect between work requirements and work performance; (3) the effect of work requirements and work-family conflict is affected by work autonomy, family Negative adjustment of support; (4) The mediating effect of work-family conflict is adjusted by work autonomy and family support. The research results have enriched the application fields of resource conservation theory, and expanded practical enlightenment for rationally adjusting work requirements and improving employees' work performance.

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