The Development of Sports Philosophy Science: A Systematic Review

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Muhamad Efendi, Wawan Sundawan Suherman, Tomoliyus, Japhet Ndayisenga


The sport philosophy branch is looked like forgotten research era; we don’t find more works comparing other research fields. Sport philosophy is the key of all changes in Sport science, physical education, arts, physical training, sport marketing, sport economy, sport industry and others. The aims of this study were to determine the development of sport philosophy from West to East and to predict the future sport philosophy development in the whole world. This study was a systematic literature review meta-analysis with qualitative approach. The research sampling were sport philosophy science articles and philosophy articles but were included philosophy ‘Books. Data collection technique using Scimago browser and internet. Data analysis using qualitative meta-analysis. To reach this study we gathered the articles which related to the East and Wester philosophy in order to know the development of Sport Science Philosophy. The result was presented in the format of paragraphs. The result showed that The development of philosophy recognizes three major periods of Helnism, medieval and Modern which were characterized by science, religion, and technology. Before Christ above 624 Science and technology were still not strong. In the period AD religion became stronger, Science and Technology were still in the dark until medieval times.  With Modern Period Science and Technology build well until now. It can be concluded that sport philosophy continues to become more strong whether it has many branches like sport science, economy, tourism, industry which were not exist last time.

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