Tracer Study of BS Information Technology of Isabela State Universitycabagan Campus

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Rosemary L. Buraga


This study was conducted to trace the whereabouts of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduates in the Isabela State University-Cabagan Campus from 2014-2018. The study made use of the descriptive method of research involving the total population of the graduates as respondents.  Weighted mean, percentage, ranking, and frequency were used to analyze the data. The findings revealed that the BSIT graduates are highly employable with regular status and have jobs relevant to their course.  The respondents obtained their first job in below 1 year while the top reasons for the delay of their employment are the issuance of other needed documents and no immediate vacancy. In finding a job, educational qualifications and recommendations from relatives and friends are the top factors that facilitate them getting their first or present job. Communication skills, information technology skills, and human relations or interpersonal skills are the skills and competencies that are found very useful in getting their first or present job. Likewise, the respondents have an excellent assessment on the faculty, methods of instruction, research services, and curriculum while they rated very well on the facilities, student’s services, extension, and general administration.

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