Analysis of Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of Virtual Items in Dota 2 Game at Jakarta

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Nikolas, Alam Soesatyo , Joshua Rama Tanu, Rano Kartono, Arta Moro Sundjaja


Dota (Defense of the ancient) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) online game. Many Dota 2 players buy items where these items are only cosmetic (beautify the appearance of the character) where this effect does not have a more effect that supports the chance for players to win the game and the price of these items is quite high, as well as product knowledge and response to these products. It is fairly positive so that it can make buying interest for the item quite high. This study examines the relationship between benefit value, product knowledge, price, attitude toward, and item purchase interest in Dota 2 games conducted by Dota 2 players in Jakarta. in this study there are two approaches to data collection as follows secondary data and primary data. Primary data is obtained from data through sources in order to obtain what is needed from research, primary data is obtained using a private network in order to get answers to questionnaires filled out by respondents through the media google form. Secondary data can be accessed by other researchers for different purposes, the source of data from secondary data is obtained from government publications, information from internet. A survey was conducted of 210 respondents (Dota 2 players). The Smart PLS version 3.8 program was used to run a panel data regression test on this research. The results indicated how purchase intention is positively affected by perceived value, product knowledge is highly effective toward purchase intention, purchase intention is affected by price, and purchase intention is impacted by attitude toward.

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