The Effect of Training and Development Program on Employees in case of Jig-Jiga City Administration Council, Somali Regional State, Ethiopia

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Farah Iftin Hassan


This paper attempts to assess the status of human resource development, i.e. factors that affecting training and development. Training and development represent a planned effort by an organization to facilitate employer learning of the job related behaviors. The objective of this paper was factors that affecting training and development on employees in case of Jig-Jiga City Administration Council. The study used descriptive methods of the study. Source of data used based on primary and secondary source. As data collection instrument, the researcher was intending to use Questionnaire which both opens ended and closed ended questions.  The study used simple random sampling techniques and cluster sampling. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences with used table, percentage and frequency. The major finding this study is, to find out of the problems related training and development activity, like personal relationship, not gate in promotional opportunity and unfair treatment. The recommended that problem the training section manager to solve this problem and the employers to gate sufficient training and promotional opportunity.

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