The Impact of Influencers’ Attractiveness, Credibility, and Parasocial Relationship Towards Purchase Intention on TikTok for Food and Beverage Industry

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David Raymond C, Monica Dewi L.L.P, Natanael Putra P, Peri A. Manaf


TikTok is a short-duration video platform that has been on the rise in recent years. The popularity of this platform makes many companies, including food and beverage companies, using TikTok in the form of Influencer marketing. Past researchers have found several characteristics that need to be considered in choosing the right influencers, such as attractiveness, credibility, para-social relationships, and purchase intention. This research tries to apply the same characteristics in a new social media, TikTok, specifically in the food and beverage industry. The data for this research were collected from online questionnaires with 170 respondents and processed using the PLS-SEM method. This study shows para-social relationship has the most positive effect on purchase intention. Furthermore, credibility is a vital factor as it holds significance in para-social relationships.

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