Laboratory Studies on Soil Characterization of Earth Slope Failure at Dessie South Wollo Ethiopia- A Case Study

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Belete Mulugeta, Vijaykumar Nagappa, Siraj Mulugeta Assefa, Desalegn Gezahegn, Abduselam Assen


In the densely populated highlands and almost all slope area of the country Ethiopia, where altitudes more than 1750m, increasing the number and size of landslides from past more than 30years is causing considerable damages and losses among the society and the government. Since from 1993 to present, about more than 300 people lives are lost, more than 200 houses damaged, more than 150km of roads are damaged. Landslide is one of the major natural hazards for the underdeveloped countries viz urbanization and infrastructures of country Ethiopia. Besides it is observed that the slope failure is located on the sides of Dessie- Kombolcha road, which is the only access road connecting the two nearby cities. The detailed characterization of the soil mass will be carried out by using laboratory studies to back analysing the observed slope failure. The main purpose of this detail laboratory studies is to identify the causes of the slope failure in the area and provide appropriate remedial measures.

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