Mathematical communication skills and their relationship to mathematics among third-stage intermediate students

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Hiba ThamirAhmed


    Communication is one of the prominent instruments that are used by human in order to adapt with life requirements of life. Mathematics learning that are necessary for the individuals to complete their learning in most other specialties is necessary for them in their daily life as it provides them with the instrument to interact and communicate to have the ability to solve everyday problems in objective scientific method far from fanaticism and random .Thus mathematics occupied distinguished position in learning make use from it from its active contribution in achieving the purposes of learning . Mathematics is not mere a method to human in thinking , solve the problems and reach to results but it is an important method for thoughts exchange precisely and clearly .People live in communication world , looking at their communication as a deserved  gift for them and very necessary thing as human spent his day speaking and listening , writer and reader and respondent for several symbols .The concept of Attitude is one of the most important psychological and social concepts that are related to the individual and it is the cornerstone in building social psychology .It was applied in several domains such as :Teaching , training , administration  ……..etc. .The Attitude as a social and psychological concept is : hypothetical form or mediator variable which are  expressed by several  responses either in accept or refuse Attitude about certain social debatable subject .There are several of interlocked elements that have negative or positive effects specially for making the pupils' attitudes and the most important are :Age , maturity , learner experiences , learner abilities , teachers attitudes towards the pupils , the teachers method of teaching ,……etc. .The attitudes toward mathematics is one of the sentimental objectives that could be achieved in learning process and no less importance from other aspects ,the skill and the cognitive but may exceed them in importance .And to achieve the cognitive  and the skills objectives some pupils must generate  positive attitudes towards mathematics study and their attitudes must grow and estimate its importance .Some studies results indicates that that success mark in any curriculum depends on the pupils permanent and contemporary  attitudes toward the study subject .Thus the work must be done on developing positive attitudes toward mathematics because negative emotions led to prevent this subject while the positive emotions led to pupils attractiveness on specialized study of mathematics followed by huge abilities for success in learning and in life .The Attitude toward mathematics is considered one of the main cases that concerned mathematic scholars give great important mathematics ,the positive attitudes developments toward mathematics  as a bridge to cross in order the student / the teacher achieved some fruitful success in teaching / learning .Consequently we have an excellent student and teachers thanking their pupils. That shall not happen unless the teaching system interest in cognitive objectives and neglect sentimental objectives. Thus, the interest in developing pupils’ attitudes is main demand and no less than developing higher thinking study.

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