Strength Of Concrete By Replacing Coarse Aggregate By Demolished Waste

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Y.Akhil, K.Prabinkumar


Constructions and demolition activities was increased normally for the past two decades.  With these type of construction activities going up, we are  having short for these construction materials , mainly aggregates, therefore finding an other type resource is the need of time. Laboratory trials have conducted to investigate the possibility of using recycled aggregates as the replacement of natural coarse aggregates  in the concrete. Large quantities of construction and demolition wastes were happened every year in developing countries like India. The disposal of this waste is a very big problem ,because it needs large space for its disposal and that too very little demolished waste is recycled . This study is a part of comprehensive program where in the experimental investigations have been carried out to assess the effect of partial replacement of the coarse aggregates by the demolished waste on workability and the compressive strength of the recycled concrete for study at 7,14& 28 days .In this study replacement of recycled aggregate was done in four proportions i.e. 0%,10%,20%&30%. Each sample was tested for compressive strength for 7, 14  & 28 days and compared with standard concrete.

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