“A study on usage of digital marketing as a tool for rural development in ramanagara district”

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Mrs. Satishwari T.K, Mrs. Deepashree. P, Chitra N.K


In the current year, vendors see an unexploited budding within the agricultural as a part of the country due to the economic shift which successively lead to rise within the purchasing power of rural civic. Specifically, Agriculture sector is facing new and severe challenges in its claim. With rising food prices that have pushed over 40 million people into poverty since 2010, more practical interventions are essential in agriculture. The growing global population, expected to hit 9 billion by 2050, has heightened the demand for food and placed pressure on already-fragile resources. Access, efficiency and affordability of agricultural information still be a significant impediment for raising agricultural productivity among smallholders within the developing regions. It's during this arena that Digital marketing can p lay an awfully crucial role by disseminating information to farmers to assist them make better well-informed decision s. It's within the context of globalizing agriculture where the necessity for information becomes most vivid. The five main trends that are the key drivers for the utilization of digital marketing tools in agriculture, particularly for poor producers: low-cost and pervasive connectivity, adaptable and cheaper tools, advances in data storage and exchange, innovative business models and partnerships and also the democratization of knowledge, including the open access movement and social media. The aim of this paper is to explain the current scenario of digital market in rural area s ( Ramanagara district) and explores the challenges and opportunities in businesses. Furthermore, on trace out products or companies using digital media to expand their companies base to the less emerge segment consumers

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