Reasons and solutions for rising Mental Health challenges among working women: an Empirical study with special reference to Delhi-NCR

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Dr. Vijaysen Pandey, Dr. Ekta Srivastava


In the modern times men and women both segments of the society work in the formal sector. Working of women is not only due to the rising living costs of metropolitan cities rather it gives an identity to the women and a chance to prove her abilities,  skills and potentials.  However, contrary to working men, women have multiple responsibilities of family and kids.  It is generally said that the day of working men starts with office and ends with office, but the day of a working women starts with family responsibilities, extends to office and ends again at family responsibilities. The present study is exploratory in nature which finds the various reasons of mental health problems faced by working women in Delhi and NCR. The study also reveals that what measures were adopted by women or their family members to help them in dealing with the mental health problems. The sample size of the study is 273 working women having full time job. The data has been collected through a structured questionnaire. The sampling method used was snowball sampling. The data collection tools applied in the study is mean and t-test. The study found that solitary the issues that identifies with working life and blended in with individual life causes the emotional wellness issues in working ladies. Study additionally finds that great help from family and spouse can give a decent work life balance. Contemplation and great consideration of youngsters is likewise significant components that may lessen pressure. The emotional well-being of ladies isn't just significant for her yet it is similarly significant for their family. The wellbeing and development of youngsters exclusively and socially likewise relies on great psychological well-being of the kids. Great psychological well-being will assist ladies with working quicker and furthermore to the best quality.

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