Students’ Perceptions of “Good” Lecturers’ Attributes

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Dr. Chi Hong Nguyen, Hang Thuy Thi Le,


In recent years, lecturers have tried to satisfy many expectations from policymakers, administrators, and students. This study is a preliminary attempt to accomplish an adequate framework to evaluate lecturers by grasping multidimensional assessments (MDA), namely higher-education lecturer policies, faculty evaluation in universities and colleges, and students’ perceptions. The study aims to investigate the students’ perceptions of good lecturers’ attributes based on the assessment integrated from commonalities of MDA. Twenty-nine undergraduate participants are involved in this study. The study findings indicate that students evaluate lecturers’ professional knowledge/practice and utilizing educational technologies to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Furthermore, students highly appreciated the lecturer’s willingness and readiness to support their studies and consult their difficulties. This study helps lecturers to self-evaluate and make significant improvements to the teaching process. Students have a better chance to understand the assessment of teaching evaluation and give their feedback/opinions so that educational institutions, educational profession practitioners, especially lecturers, satisfy their demands and expectations.

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