Skilled Migrants’ Negotiations of Citizenship and Belonging

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Dr. Chi Hong Nguyen


This article analyses the negotiations of citizenship and belonging among Vietnamese skilled migrants in Australia through Heidegger’s (1962) concept of temporality in being-in-the-world. In line with Heidegger’s notion of temporality in being-in-the-world, this quote suggests the significance of our past to our present as well as the opening of possibilities through time. The temporality feature is present in our interactions with the world over time that shapes who we are and will be. This article examines the 5 participants’ historicity and their present ways of being manifest in their multiple, practical uses of citizenship and belonging. These influences are examined through their interactions with others and things in the world, including their uses of transnational relationships over time. The findings of this study confirm conclusions withdrawn from the current body of research on transnational mobilities and citizenship in that citizenship can be used as practical equipment for skilled migrants to make sense of their transnational belongings to both societies

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