Chameleon Imagery as a Strategy of Women Survival in Valiare Tagwira’s Novel, The Uncertainty of Hope: A Nego Feminist Approach

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Mekdes Taye Mengistu


African feminism is the type of feminism that bases itself on the real sociocultural wellbeing of Africa. The philosophy behind this theory is that those western and extremist approaches did not help to deal the issues of African women for some reasons. Africa had its own social, cultural, economic and philosophical realities which are unique to the continent. Thus, in the deal of African issues like gender, a suitable approach is found to be relevant for dealing the issue from root and look for solutions. This study takes Nego Feminism as an approach. This is because this theory argued that women efficacy in identifying the appropriate context is relevant for peaceful cooperation between men and women. This analysis is useful in the African context since after independence most Zimbabwean writers reflect the relevance of empowering women for the transformation of a given nation in their workings. Thus, Nego Feminist theory has been used for the analysis of this paper and Valiare Tagwira’s The Uncertainty of Hope is the source of data.

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