A study on Vietnam local government organization

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Ngo Sy Trung


Local governments in countries around the world are organized into several levels, and the way organization also has its characteristics based on the political, cultural and social characteristics of each country. In terms of management, the organization of local government is lean, effective and efficient is always concerned by the leaders of each country to save the state budget and best meet the rights and interests of the local government legitimate interests of the people. In terms of research, it shows the organization of local government is also a topic of interest to many researchers and is a leading content in the organization of the state apparatus. In this article, the author focuses on analyzing the reality of Vietnam's local government organization and comparing it with some models of local government in the world. By method of qualitative research through the synthesis and analysis of secondary documents, the author points out some principles and models of local government organizations popular in the world; points out the advantages and limitations of local government organizations in Vietnam. From that practice, the author proposes some innovative research content towards increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the local government apparatus in Vietnam.

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