A case study on the people's participation in local governance in Vietnam

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Nguyen Nghi Thanh, Ngo Sy Trung, Nguyen Duc Thien


Local governance is associated with the local government’s management activities and the people’s participation (including citizens and social organizations), which shows the interaction between them in the process of social management in the locality. In fact, there are many factors affecting local governance activity, among of which the citizens’ involvement in the local authorities’ activities plays the most crucial role. Therefore, the study of the democracy of a country is always associated with that of the people and is a research topic of great interest in the field of political and management sciences. Within the scope of this paper, the author focuses on analyzing the people’s participation in local governance activity in Vietnam as prescribed by current laws. A qualitative method is used to analyze secondary data collected from the literature. Its research findings denote the advantages and limitations of local governance activity in Vietnam from the perspective of the people's participation so as that he makes some recommendations for further research related.

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