Comparative study and Physico Analysis of River water at different sites

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Dr.Smriti, Dr.Richa


Rivers play important role to human life. According to the old history, human civilizations were developed on the bank of rivers. But due to modern civilization and further growth in human population, the quality and quantity of river has been reduced. Water pollution is a world-wide problem and became a global problem. It is leading global deaths of living beings and spreading of harmful deadly diseases throughout the world. Due to water pollution it is accounted for the deaths of more than about 14,000 people daily. For about 700 million people don’t have access to a paper toilet and good hygiene in their daily life. The drainage systems are the major source of the water pollution especially from the rivers which is flowing through the city. These drainage systems generally carry industrial wastes and domestic wastes as well as sewage and medicinal wastes making the river water horrendously polluted to the core. The greater part of the significant towns are situated close to the stream banks gathering each waste sources in it. The river Gomti flows through Lucknow,India and is the main source of water for every purpose for the city. Gomti stream is begun from Madhoganj Tanda town in Pilibhit district,UP. It streams throughthe locale of Shahjahanpur,Hardoi,Sitapur,Kheri,Barabanki,Lucknow,Sultanpur,Jaunpur and at last gets together with Ganga. Gomti river receives huge amount of industrial effluents to domestic discharge as well as sewage and agricultural run-off which again brings lot of pesticides,fertilizer. Then streetnwashouts brings oil,asphalts,sediments and many types of heavy metals. These activities made the river a flowing dumping yard. The present study shows the water quality of river Gomti at Lucknow. Three sample sites were selected infront of the Riverfront of Lucknow. Parameters like pH.nDissolvednoxygen,nTotalnhardness,nTotalnalkalinity,nChloride were determined. The sources of pollution in the river deteriorated the quality of water considerably in the selected stretch of Gomti river.

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