Analysis of User-Generated Contents in Digital Media towards Gastronomic Tourism Experiences: Sentimental and Locational Approach

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Ganesha K S, Dr. Ganapati B Sinnoor


The study analyses the user-generated content on different digital media platforms for Gastronomic Tourism. The study's objectives are to inspect the sentimental analysis, location of the content generated, influential websites, top countries of the user-generated content in various digital media platforms and compare them.  In the study, the exploratory research method has been applied, and mainly the study aims to find out the sentiment of Gastronomic Tourism Experiences in Digital Media platforms. The study period is 48 days from 17th June 2020 to 3rd August 2020. During this period, 25,000, i.e., 11,000 between 17th June 2020 to 17th July 2020 and 14,000 between 4th July 2020 to 3rd August 2020 User Generated Contents analysed. To analyse user-generated content, online tools have been used to generate sentiments, location, and others towards Gastronomic Tourism Experiences. The results show that most of the content of Gastronomic Tourism is having Positive Sentiment across all platforms. The study also reveals the most active countries like Japan, Italy, India, Indonesia, and Iceland. Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter as the most active and influential sites for Gastronomic Tourism Experiences sharing as per the analysis, even comparisons of both data gave similar results. The study results indicate that people remember and share more positive sentiments towards Gastronomic Tourism Experiences during the pandemic.

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