Local Wisdom As An Action Guidelines Against Dutch Colonialism In Indonesian National History

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Luh Putu Sri Ariyani, Tuty Mariyati, Anantawikrama Tungga Atmadja


History is the actualization of collective thinking in a community. This thinking has a very wide and complex scope, one of which is local wisdom. Local wisdom makes ideal values so often used as an action guidelines in society not only in the present, but also in the past or in a historical event. The historian, however, cares little about it. This article aims to explain the role of local wisdom in some cases of Indonesian historical events against Dutch colonialism. Its role can take place openly or may be veiled. The research method used four steps historical research, namely, the heuristic, the internal and external criticism, the interpretation and the historiography. The results lead to a study of the role of local wisdom requires a critical historical perspective. Local wisdom is often related and / or based on religion. This has resulted in local wisdom not only lasting long, but also has a very strong thrust and prevention power that is reflected in the actions of historical agents in a historical event.

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