Organizational Citizenship Behaviour & Its Relationship with Human Resource Systems

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Dipti Shukla, Dr. Vilas Kulkarni


Citizenship in Organizations Behaviour as a phenomenon has received a great deal of attention.This is a behaviour, characterized by a set of spontaneous actions, which bring beneficial consequences to the organization as a whole, not included in the requirements of the formal role or in the formal schemes of rewards or sanctions provided by the organization, is termed as organizational citizenship behaviour (SIQUEIRA, 2003). Various factors which affect OCB are Altruism, Courtesy, Sportsmanship, Conscientiousness, Civic Virtue.This paper studies the available literature, relationship of OCB with HR systems and the initiatives taken by various organizations for improving OCB. It concludes that more research in this area is required, and that more organisations should implement OCB practices in order for organisations to grow.

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