Effects Of Circadian Rhythm On Sports Performance In Different Seasons

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Vivekananda Dey, Dr. Shiv Kumar


Man is not as consistently predictable in performance as are other things we might choose to observe. This is unfortunate but obvious. We can borrow information from the related areas to apply it to sport, as another alternative. Whatever method is used, the so-called truths are at best loosely structured. We must then try to logically deduce the facts from empirical as it pertains to sports. Variation in the daily rhythm of the functional capacity of different systems which are synchronized to a 24-hour day, observe two peculiar aspects. One of them is the time dependent alternation in the levels of physiological process, expressed as circadian range or circadian amplitude. Athletic performances that occur several hours before or after the circadian peak “window” will be potentially subjected to less-than-optimal performance. This Paper tries to find out the effects of Circadian rhythm in different seasons.

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