Shivite Lokageet – an appraisal of their origin, forms and prevalence in Assam

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Barnali Saikia


Assam occupies a very significant position so far the cultural aspects are concerned. Preaching of Shiv dharma was practice since ancient times. In Assam, the Kachari tribes were the first to offer worship. In ancient times the people residing in kamrup worship “burabathou”,“kirati debota”and“mahadev”. In Assam the linga and idol were preached. Different tribes of Assam worship shiv in different ways. The shivagin worship lord shiva as a general idol. The qualities of shiv were preached by all, so shiva centric oral songs were sang by the society. Although the songs were sang orally it followed all the structure of literature. In Assamese society shiva was considered as a nobel person. In these songs shiva was considered as a person who was more accustom to rural life. He was economically ruined. Because of his financial constrains he was unable to follow the rules and regualtions of the society and his song made the general audience t laugh out loud. This songs basically deals with his love for cultivation, his attraction towards opposite sex, addiction towards weeds. In these songs shiva was preached as  “pogolagukhai”, “buragukhai”, “rudra”, “jotia”, “bhangra baba”, “bholanath”, “pogolaguxai”.





Barnali Saikia, Research Scholar, Department of Assamese, Gauhati University, Guwahat, Assam, India, E-mail:

While studying these songs we got to know the religious perspective of the traditional society. Due to unavailability of proper platform these songs were endangered. Through my research I have try I to highlight these songs through scientific vision. If more researchers focus on these songs then definitely it will receive a global platform. The singers of these songs will also be recognize worldwide. Only then these songs will be known and preached across the globe.

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