Automatic Agricultural Skilling

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Priyanka, Sachin Raghav, Ajay Kumar Gautam, Ravinder Kumar, Aakriti Guleria, Jyoti Sondhi


Our invention Automatic Agricultural Skilling is an automated management of irrigating or spraying or sprinkling devices includes electrical sensors that area unit severally conscious of temperature, close lighting and actual wet content of the soil. The output of those sensors is compared to predetermined reference standards and also the ensuing signals accustomed management the applying of water to the soil or plants or trees. The invention provides an extremely machine-controlled agricultural production system that includes, as essential components sensing scheme comprising direct and indirect sensing means that in an agricultural production space. The direct sensing means that area unit usually ground or plant mounted. The indirect sensing means that area unit remote from the world being detected. The direct and indirect sensing means that area unit custom-made to put together generate information on all necessary parameters within the uniform agricultural production area.

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