The Relationship of Introducing Deception to the Rules of Sharia

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Ra'fat Khalil Ibrahim


The study is entitled the relationship of introducing tricks to the rules of Sharia which is not only a theoretical topic, but it goes beyond the practical reality in which these jurisprudential rules are used. It tries to reveal those realistic effects by adopting tricks and confronting the accusations against it as deviated from the requirements of the true Sharia, and abandoning what God Almighty has commanded, which causes stagnation and retard that the enemies of religion exploit in promoting the invalidity of Islamic Sharia.  It promotes the abandonment and rejection of heritage and the use of so-called exits. Some affiliates of forensic science advocate an alternative to jurisprudential tricks, as they do not agree with the Sunnah. The consensus and the jurisprudential rules agree upon the masses of the Islamic nation.

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