An Analysis of EFL Teaching Difficulties Faced by English Language Trainers at the Languages Center at Sebha University

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Ameerah Abraheem Ahmed Othman


The aim of the present study is to describe EFL teaching difficulties faced by the English Language trainers at the Languages Center at Sebha University. It examines the challenges of teaching listening, reading, speaking, writing and grammar. The trainers’ assessment of these challenges is estimated through many instructional practices such as designing objectives, technology and authentic resources, skills assessment and integration, lesson structure, student motivation, and more.

Breaking down these challenges will help strategy producers, managers, educators, and authorities at the Ministry of Higher Education comprehend the connection between understudies' achievements in learning EFL and instructing procedures. It is expected to help EFL instructor readiness projects to keep a zeroed in eye on those challenges and arising difficulties that may incredibly affect TEFL results in the country. The examination focuses on the significance of guaranteeing that all around prepared EFL educators ought to be accessible and made mindful of any troubles that may impede learning the objective language .

Moreover, this research paper provides a number of highly recommended strategies and viable solutions that can be formulated to overcome EFL teaching difficulties.

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