Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI) Volume 12, Issue 7 July 2021: 12614 – 12619 Research Article

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Santosha Kumar Mallick, Dr. S.S. Debasish


Human decisions are rational or irrational. This view has shown that people have bias and cognitive barriers that prevent them from reaching full understanding when making financial decisions. With regards to singular investment choices, it is essential to recollect that every investment choice accompanies a specific level of vulnerability and hazard. There is adequate proof that because of the rise of market disappointments, markets respond diversely to the conduct of a logical man. Different biases keep individuals from logical thinking. People are blessed with understanding, which allows them to evaluate all available facts. As a result of this, people alone can make accurate predictions about future events, allowing them to make major financial decisions. The concept of rationality is based on two ideas: "order of order" and "act of understanding." In the case of a conscious mind, one chooses a behaviour that enhances predictable spending, and in the case of practical comprehension, the investor chooses the type of activity that enhances consumption.

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