Multi-Antenna Utilized Strategy For Radar Based Applications

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B.Nataraj ,K.R.Prabha


This proposed methodology contemplates a rectangular form of micro-strip patch antenna was intended for radar application at an functional frequency of 9.6 GHz. The multi-antenna is made up of four radiating patch elements. The layer height is 1.6mm and the dielectric constant is 4.6. This multi-antenna is made up of four radiating components. This architecture makes use of radiating elements to maximize gain and directivity. We selected the FR4 substrate with a Dielectric constant of 4.6, Height of 1.6mm, and Loss Tangent of 0.018 for the specification since it is compared to the frequency spectrum to get the best performance. The FR4 substrate was selected for its cost and performance reliability. The multi-antenna's gain and directivity have been improved for this design. The multi-antenna is designed and simulated using the Advanced Design System software platform.

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