Screening of anti-inflammatory activity of Kigeliaafricana fruit extracts

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Srilakshmi Gunda, Vijey Aanandhi M


Cause of occurrence of different diseases in human being is getting increased by means of increased inflammatory conditions in the body hence the development of anti-inflammatory drugs has become the hotspot for the current scientists.The signs of inflammation are redness, increased heat production at the particular area, swelling, pain. Inflammatory process plays a crucial role in body’s defensive mechanism but in some condition this inflammation turn to produce autoimmune disorders like arthritis, lupus erythematous. Hence there is need of searching various phytoconstituents for protecting the body from inflammatory responses. Kigelaafricanais having various therapeutic uses and it was used in different parts of Africa.

Which is also known as elephant trumpets. Our study related to identify the fruit extracts for anti-inflammation using two solvents of hexane and ethanol solvents and the extracts were fed to the animals of Wister albino rats in two graded doses[250 mg/kg b.w and 500 mg/kg b.w]by using carrageenan induced paw oedema model. Anti-inflammation was found to be concentration dependent at a dose 500mg/kg of ethanolic extract has shown potent anti-inflammatory activity, may be due to presence of flavonoids.  The folklore use ofKigeliaafricana was authenticated by our anti-inflammatory study the possible mechanism could be by acting on cyclooxygenase enzymes.

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