Impact Of Covid-19 On Agriculture In Selected Farm Households

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A.Sukanya, Dr.C.Parvathi


On the impact of COVID 19 has interrupted the financial accomplishments besides the resources limits considerably. In Indian economy agriculture sector alone will provide more than the contribution of other sector. The effect of COVID 19 has intimate the rural sector on the part of rural supply chain. Though the government has alloted to permits the transports allowing them to provide fodders, fruits and cereals a huge amount of carriers are but to acquire grip of their authorizations. This is prominent interval occupied for the farm yields to reach the market. In this background the major objective of the study were (i) COVID-19 and Agriculture sector in India, (ii) COVID-19 and role of government and (iii) Impact of COVID-19 and crop diversification in selected farm households. The study was conducted on both the primary and secondary data with Multistage random sampling technique was adopted. The Coimbatore district was selected and the district can be divided into 12 blocks and the total sample size was 100 Thondamuthur and Annur block. Through the analysis we clearly demonstrate that crop diversification with COVID-19 in selected farm households. The Indian government, in aidenticalsubstantialchange, has reported to ignoreeffort for agriculturalists, agriculture laborers and accumulating and sowing- related machines after the purview of lockdown.

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