Automated Sewer Cleaner With Alerting Mechanism

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H. Mohammed Ali , Dr.K.C.Udaiyakumar , M.Jyothilingam


In our project, the proposal concept is to basically supplant the manual work done in drain gutters with automated systems. We know that water has a great importance in human life and we also know that the place where the water flows such as water inlets/outlets is full of garbage like polythene bags, bottles, edible food wrappers, human/animal/plant waste and industrial effluents like medicinal waste, e-waste, etc. which is responsible for the blocking of water ways resulting in the difficulty of flow of water. Hence, human manual workers are made to clean these areas which is undesirable and may eventually end up in a loss of human life due to the prevailing unsanitary work conditions. This is seen prevalently in India and to eliminate this age-old practice, we came up with an idea which is where our project “Automated Sewer Cleaner with Alerting Mechanism” comes into play which carries out the required task of cleaning and collection of garbage in drain gutters efficiently and also helps prevent the overloading of garbage thus reducing overall human effort which can be spent on doing tasks that are beneficial to society which according to us is key. Furthermore, we are going to install an Ultrasonic electronic sensor which can sense if the amount of garbage in the collecting bin exceeds the prescribed limit and if it does exceed the limit, it sends out an alarm and sends a message using GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications) to the authorities apprising them of the need to send out authoritative workers with specialized equipment to dispose the garbage that has already been collected so that the workers don’t have to clean them manually.

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