Analysis of determinants of Financial Literacy Levels among IT Sector Employees of Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Mrs. Pujari Neha, Dr. Sakha Gangadhara Rama Rao


Employees working in the IT sector have a wider knowledge of using the technology, and these are having a stable income monthly.  Due to the working conditions and pressure, the majority of the employees are not focusing on their finance.  Financial literacy is all about knowing and understanding how to invest, acquire and save money. It is also known as the skill and the ability to use financial resources in making decisions. This research primarily focuses on determining the levels of financial literacy and financial decisions made by employees in the IT industry. About 132 respondents were considered for the study and analyzed their responses.  The findings portray that gender, marital status, annual income, and type of employee do not affect the levels of financial literacy, whereas age and educational qualification show an effect.

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