COVID-19: It’s Impact on Indian Higher Education

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Dr. Afa Dul Mujiaba


The spread of Covid-19 pandemic has drastically disrupted every aspects of human life. One of the most crucial parts of human life is education.COVID-19 has created an unprecedented test on the system of education. In various institutions of learning around the globe, campuses are shutdowns and teaching-learning process has moved online instead of face to face. Internationalization has displayed quite down considerably. Nearly thirty two crore learners blocked to go in the institutions of learning and all tasks have come to a close in almost all the educational institutions. In spite of all these issues, the Institutions of higher learning have worked hard with positivity and handled the situation to ensure the continuance of research work, teaching and learning process, examinations & other services to the mankind with an appropriate methods during this epidemic COVID-19. In this paper an attempt has been made by the researcher to highlight the major impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on Indian higher education system. Some suggestive measures arose by the institutions of higher learning as well as higher authorities-Government of India to give flawless educational opportunities during the pandemic are also discussed. The author has made some suggestions for to educational pursuits be executed during this epidemic.

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