Drivers, Barriers, Advantages of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Behaviour - A Study with reference to Private Commercial Banks at Bengaluru

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Ajatashatru Samal, Dr. Sandhya.N


The center of activity in banking industry is customer satisfaction. Innumerable factors drivers the customer satisfaction and factors driving vary from one country to another depending upon socio economic and political development of the region. A change in demographic profile of customers will bring a lot of change in living styles, standards of living etc. For private commercial banks to be successful in the severe competitive world, they are bound to attach significance to customer satisfaction (Dugu Recoglu, 2012). Customer Relationship Management is one of the best and approachable in maintaining the relationship with customers in private sector. Moreover, effective CRM implementation will bring more enhanced avenues to the banks. In the service sector particularly banks is always a concerned in understanding the customer relationship Management activity. Customer Relationship Management always focus the customers need and wants without delay in time (Shailaja Pal, 2018). Therefore the concept of CRM is more emphasised now-a-days and a fair treatment is given in relation to banking services. There is a need to constantly improve the customer satisfaction in the use of multiple number of banking services and should offer and provide more friendly services to make modern competitive private banks initiatives a delight for the customer use. CRM is being seen as a tool to acquire and retain customers using the one of the efficient channels known as web (Waseem John et al., 2014). Hence, competition for customer is intensive. Against this background a study on CRM and customer behaviour has been taken up. The present study reveals about the drivers of CRM and found that respondents strongly agree over the statements impacting CRM. The barriers of CRM includes absence  of communication and technology, absence of commoditization of products, inter-departmental inconsistencies and lack of scientific customer segmentation. Further, it was found that some related drivers impacts the customer behaviour. Finally, the study reveals about the advantages of CRM and found clearly at Bangalore a ‘Silicon city’, ‘Science city’, ‘Garments hub’ many of the customers availing the advantages of CRM.

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