Empirical Study on Brand Performance on two components Brand Equity and Brand Loyalty: with special reference to Mutual Fund Brands

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Neetu Singh, Dr. Jitin Gambhir, Dr. J.P.Pathak


The consumer-oriented brand performance models employ measures related to consumer attitude and consumer opinion, and the  financially-oriented  approaches  use  tangible assets, past revenues  and  future  earnings, which usually suffer from a  significant margin  of error. When brand managers compare the performance of their own brands with the performance of their competitors’ brands, they have to estimate the competitors’ financial performance values, and the estimation is not always reliable. The objective of this study is to evaluate the measures

for comparing the brand performance of brands of mutual funds and try to check the same measures on the brand performance of selected mutual funds. Focus of the study will be on two basic components i.e. brand equity and brand loyalty. The study has considered both the primary and secondary data for the functional proceeding of the study i.e. primary data to get the feel of present scenario and secondary data to check on the previous models on brand performance.

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