Mediating Effect of Student Engagement on Service Quality to Student Loyalty Relationship In Student Recruitment Agencies In Malaysia

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Yosra Al-Khaled, Nesrain Al-Areqi, Valliappan Raju


This study was to examine the effect of service quality and student loyalty in the Yemeni student recruitment agencies in Malaysia by the mediating of  student engagement. The respondents of 315 of international students registered by Yemeni student recruitment agencies in Malaysia were used to examine the constructs' relationship. The data set was analyzed using descriptive analysis and structural equation modelling. The findings showed that student engagement has a significant and positive partial mediating effect on service quality and student loyalty relationship in Yemeni Student Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia. The findings suggest that the quality of service relationship is satisfactory. The findings indicate that service quality, student engagement, and student loyalty will lead to Yemeni student recruitment agencies' profitability. Therefore, service quality, and student engagement play a crucial function within the Yemeni student recruitment agencies. The combination of student engagement and service quality explains student engagement's role in student loyalty. The effects of the service quality on student loyalty are described in the indirect relationships through mediation.

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