Utilisation Of Business Intelligence For Data Mining To Influence Decision-Making In Business Organisations

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Majdijalalalsaaideh , Arif Sari


Technology and demand are two major driving forces in the competitive industrial world. These lead to the benefits at the best position, but to at the edge blurring important industrial boundaries. It ultimately results in the substantial organization of the business. The advancement of IT (information technology) has created the possibilities for business institutions to hold huge amounts of data from numerous sources within business procedures. In order to remain competitive at this rapidly changing pace significant tools, techniques are required having the capabilities to provide a holistic attitude of strategic business. Major aim of this study is to explore the importance of business intelligence in the decision-making procedures of the business. Key objective includes the elaboration of the best utilization of BI through data mining procedures. The disciplinary discussion in this study has developed acquiring secondary dataset which is developed the best analysis with a qualitative approach. The discussion in this article has emerged beneficial through the critical evaluation of data mining in business intelligence. This modern contemporary business world is emerging with new innovations every day where each business has to deal with the severe competitiveness with the peer markets. Best integration of the decision-making requires a concise view to collect all the necessary knowledge. This article focuses on the interdisciplinary manner in the strategic behavior indicating future technological implementations. The knowledge has induced the hope to help scholars, marketers, and peer researchers to getting the best idea about the BI.

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