EV3 Robot as a tool to help teachers in the classroom to increase the efficiency of the educational process in Mathematics

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Abdallah "Moh'dAref" Suleiman Harb , sitiMasturabaharudin


Subject like mathematics is hard to understand for many students so there is need for some communication channel which can make it easier to understand and this can be meet with EV3Robot. The purpose of this analysis endeavor is to increase the productivity of teaching –learning practice for the vast subject like mathematics. This study focuses on the Jordan where curriculum of mathematics is hard to apply and understand by the local students so technology like EV3 Robot can work as a volumetric role player. The level of understand of mathematical terms are still inferior and degraded as literature suggests. The present work is based on Design based intervention study and Mixed – method data collection and comprises in total five phases which actually helps to execute the aim successfully and two private schools of Jordan were selected for the study.  To evaluate the performance and to increase efficiency a Lego Mindstorms™ EV3 robots was used to develop programming skills. The process of building, making mistakes and troubleshooting difficulties while building and programming the Lego Mindstorms™ EV3 robots will be able to stimulate the students to refining their understanding and explore different approaches in mathematics challenges. The proposed technology will help the students of Jordan to perceive the mathematics and interpret easily and will increase the teaching learning performance as well.

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