The Importance Of Transformational Leadership In Enhancing Organizational Performance By Motivation In Government Institutions In The Uae

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Khalid Saeed Al Naqbi


This particular study emphasizes the significance of transformational leadership to enhance the performance in government institutions by motivation in UAE. The prevailing pandemic Covid- 19, and competition, every organization has to depict maximum performance for it survival. Employees are said to be the human resources of the organization and they have to contribute their maximum to enhance productivity. The leadership qualities plays a vital role in motivating the employees. Various scholars and academicians opine that transformational leadership style through motivation and other features, contribute maximum employee performances and accomplish the organizational goals. In this study it is deeply analyzed considering various factors to enhance better organizational output. The research objectives, research questions and theoretical framework provides better transparency in enhancing employee performances. In government organizations there are several obstacles like government policies, personal gains, competition that affect the performance levels. The leader has to foresee such negative whips and plan accordingly to achieve the organizational goals. The employees training, feedback mechanisms, responsibility sharing, rewards system, and employee appraisal may motivate them to offer their maximum efficiency . The transformational leader has to see that good working ambience, satisfied employees will contribute their best efforts to maximize the productivity. This research study discusses various factors in detail to induce motivation to employees and obtain the required level of performances.

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