The Study of Sustainable Design and Green Architecture in China

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Danlei Ying, Boon Cheong Chew, Jie Yang


The aim of the study is to provide an overview of the current position of the People’s Republic of China with its green building action plan and the built buildings in the country that manifested the idea of sustainable design and green architecture. Recognized green building principles and strategies are stated as a guide in proving the sustainability of the buildings in China when compared to their know sustainable features. A descriptive study was conducted with the use of secondary data collection as the methodology which delivers the main purpose of the study in gaining insights and providing an overview of the sustainable design and green architecture in China. Related studies and the literature are verified first by the author s to insure reliability of provided information. As a result, the green building action plan is defined and related to the current five-year action plan of China, example buildings in the country that incorporates sustainability principles and strategies are provided, and the common basis of sustainable design and green architecture are briefly discussed..

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