Women’s Sympathy as a Surviving Strategy in Zimbabwean Novels: A Nego Feminist Approach

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Mekdes Taye Mengistu


Nego Feminism is one of African type of feminism. It confirms that African feminism challenges through negotiation, accommodation and compromise. It asserts that gender difference can be approached through negotiation. Nego Feminist theory has been used for the analysis of this paper. This analysis is useful in the African context for certain reasons. First most Zimbabwean writers reflect the relevance of empowering women for the transformation of a given nation in their workings. Secondly, Zimbabwean writers raise their pen to echo women’s issues after 1980’s and they resist western hegemony and neo-colonialism in their literary texts. This new terrain involves demanding changes in the political and social aspects of the societies in which they exist. This paper utilizes Nego Feminist reading as a research tool for collecting relevant extracts from the selected texts, and Chanjeri Hove Bones and Tsitsi Dangarembaga’s Nervous Conditions are sources of data.

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