The reality of the conflict of customary lands between the land of laha and the air force in ambon city (case study customary land in the land of laha)

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Jeffry E M Leiwakabessya, M Tahir Kasnawi, Andi Agustang


Ambon City has a long history of agrarian conflicts involving the community and government. Ambon's problem has had a relationship with historical dynamics since This island is inhabited and developed into a settlement control of land and claims ownership by a group has caused conflict that lasted to this day. For this reason, this study aims to analyze the Reality of the Conflict of Customary Lands between the Land of Laha And the TNI Air Force in Ambon City. This research uses descriptive qualitative method—location the research was selected by purposive sampling. Data collection was carried out by observation, interviews, in-depth interviews, and focused group discussion (FGD). Research results are known that the cause of the conflict was land ownership between the people of the land and land TNI air force. Land disputes have been going on since 2005 between Laha residents and the Laha State government with the Indonesian Air Force. The conflict occurred when the District Court Ambon processed a land ownership lawsuit between the Air Force and Negeri Hattu, sub-district West Leihitu, Central Maluku Regency. The conflict that occurred between the Indonesian Air Force and the people of the Land of Laha is mutually claiming the land, which amounts to 251 hectares. Citizen Laha believes that the 251-hectare land that is disputed with the TNI -AU is their property, and Hattu has no  (land area) to the airport. According to King Negeri Laha, This 251-hectare land is the customary right of the Laha people borrowed to use to the TNI-AU since 1953 for 30 years ends 1983, and until now, the land dispute with the Indonesian Air Force has not been resolved. As for threats made by the two conflicting communities by spreading synthesis issues. Authority and power are not only owned by the Air Force but also owned by the Laha Community.

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