Innovation of Social Studies Digital Learning with Makerspace Approaches for Secondary School Students

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Charin Mangkhang, Rattikorn Chanchumni


Disruption of learning spaces for secondary school students in the digital age results in their learning disruption. Learning has developed significantly due to technological advancement, and online knowledge has considerably been improved. Meanwhile, field learning remains as an essential factor of skill development for secondary school students, and discovery of skills knowledge is not limited in the classroom. New methods and forms of learning for students are developed and provide for learning in digital era. Makerspace digital learning management of social studies constitutes learning space for self-discovery, in which learners will be prepared for real life in the digital era through what is smaller, albeit more motivational, than the classroom. Therefore, this article aims to present the innovation of Makerspace digital learning for social studies, in order to adjust the learning space to correspond with the real society in the digital era.

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