The Effects of Influencer, Brand Equity and Their Interplay on Consumer Responses on Instagram

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Dr. Rakesh Krishnan M.


This study aimed to investigate whether purchase intention based on social media influencer endorsement on Instagram was higher for a product than, on the endorsement without a social media influencer. The condition of the product was varied between a low brand equity and high brand equity product and found that in both cases the above study proved positive. The study used an experimental method between-subjects design whether the brand equity type varied between two groups (with Social media influencer endorsement, without social media influencer endorsement). The participants of this study were 204 student Instagram users aged 18-25 years old, the Generation Z.  The result showed that the average score of purchase intention on Social media influencer present endorsement was significantly higher than the non social media influencer endorsement for low brand equity product and high brand equity product. This result can be used as a basis for determining appropriate marketing strategy, especially in influencer marketing in Instagram.

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