Commenting on Creativity at Primary Educational Stage in Pakistan: Curricula and Educational Policies of Multiple Countries as Evidence

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Tanzeela Arooj, Muhammad Kamran, Waqar Un Nisa Faizi, Sumaya Batool


Although creativity is necessary at all educational stages, this article forcibly says that it is inevitable at the primary educational stage. This article is of commentary type that comments on how creativity is essential in primary education. This article further proves that creativity and education cannot be separated but are concomitant for several reasons discussed in this article. It also explains why, in the Pakistani educational system, creativity has been ignored so far. It also informs the Pakistani educational system that they should embrace the critical concept of creativity. Further, various countries' educational policy documents have also been arrayed to show the strong evidence that creativity also needs to be placed in the Pakistani curriculum and educational system, especially at the primary level. It also draws some messages from past literature and leaves some blank spaces for future researchers.

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