Understanding The Impact Of Covid-19 On Indian Tourism Sector

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Prem Shankar Dwivedi, Mrs. Archie Verma


In recent times, virtually every industry has been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) whether linked to jobs, the tourism sector, etc. This study examines the impact on the tourist sector due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Since, tourism in India has a critical role to play in sustaining the economy and in keeping ties with other countries. But the tourist sector has a negative impact on both within and outside in the years 2020-2021. As tourism sector has made a huge contribution in providing employment as well, however both the tourism and the hospitality sector is on the verge of losing tourists in India, which tends to impede the development of the firm, and now close to 38 million individuals have lost their means of income. Since then, the administration has been working hard to get its tourists back on track from foreign markets. In the time of recovery, businesses from travel and tourism will have to regain the faith and confidence of people to travel again after the epidemic. The current research recommends that the transport and hospitality industry should reorganize its approach by adopting measures such as altering social conduct, donning the mask to walk out, social distance and reluctance to travel distances.

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