Customer-Based Brand Equity within Packaged Milk Industry: The Case of Consumer Behavior

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Masood Hassan, Samia Nadeem Zakai, Dr. Shabbar Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Umer, Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal


Brand loyalty, brand image, brand awareness, and perceived brand quality are regarded the antecedents to brand equity while brand preferences and purchase intention are believed to be the consequences of brand equity.

The business philosophy of firms should be consistent about brand building for the market growth in such a way that each member of their team can believe in and stand behind. There should be thinking about what makes business different from others and how that fits into their business philosophy by considering brand equity as an important tool. The focus of this research is the packaged milk industry and research is with Karachi’s participants. A sample of 300 package milk consumers from the metropolitan city of Pakistan i.e., Karachi, was contacted to determine the contribution of the variables. Six hypotheses have been established and all are acceptable. A structural equation is given. The relationship between brand equity and its dimensions is well aligned and show good fit with the research constructs. Brand equity also confirms its effect on customer brand preference and purchase intentions, which tends to support the suggested research framework.

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