A Study on Financial Planning: A key to Wealthy Life

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Dr.A.Thanapackiam, Chitra N.K


Financial Planning is playing a major role in personal financial decisions making. It means an organized way of managing money in our daily walks of life and it is a plan to know how to spend money against income. It focuses on different options on savings. Convenient sampling was used for the study. The sample of 250 is taken for the study at Anekal, the semi-urban region in Bangalore. The study examined the perception of the financial knowledge aspects with the help of statistical tools chi-square and correlation analysis. The study revealed that the null hypothesis was rejected in association with demographic factors and awareness on liquidity, preference in savings and financial knowledge at 5% level of significance. There exists high positive (.779) correlation in knowing the meaning of liquidity and tenure of the investment. The study concluded that people in the selected region are having very good financial Planning and interested in improving their financial knowledge. (80%) Nearly 81% of them know the meaning of the terms savings and investment

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