Issues Of Achieving Sustainable Development And Expanding The Role Of Human Capital In Pandemia And Post-Pandemy Periods

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Zikriyaev Zokir Mamurovich, Abduvoxidov Akmal Abdulazizovich, Boribaev Erkinjon Norboy ogli, Mahmudov Sherali Xusanovich


Today, countries around the world are experiencing a pandemic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic crisis, unlike other crises, is characterized by the fact that it is a three-way crisis. In particular, the pandemic crisis is characterized by a demand, supply and simultaneous liquidity crisis. In such a complex environment, the countries of the world are reconsidering the factors and means to achieve sustainable development. It should be noted that the pandemic crisis has shown the need to improve the quality of the human factor and the associated human capital in order to achieve sustainable development. Therefore, this article analyzes the issues of expanding the role of human capital in achieving sustainable development.

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